How to Use Dragon City Hack Online and Get Items for Free

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Dragon City is a game that is developed by by Social Point and it can be now available on Facebook and iOS. Dragon city was first out on Facebook on May 20, 2012, then it came out with the with the iOS version in the early 2013. As the name suggests the game is related to dragons and the objective of the game is to raise and breed all kinds of dragon’s right from the eggs till the time they hatch out. Once they hatch out they fight it out with other people’s dragons. You also can build habitats for these dragons with the choice of even decorating them.
The purpose of the game is to increase the number of dragons in numbers and to have a city that is full of dragons . The way to increase the number of dragons is by breeding them. Breeding helps in laying eggs and new dragons hatch from these eggs. Players experience the thrill when they have control of the dragons. Each of these dragons have a different skill which makes them different from one another.

There are several upgrade options and the warrior choice are quite versatile. Each capture point will has an ‘asset’, which also have access to off-board fire support, when it is being held for   a longer period of time.
The Barbara Livingston's garden is makes for alovely sight. They help us to hunt animals .It also has museum where babies are kept with genetic disorders are kept in formaldehyde. In other rooms parasite are being kept which affect the human organs.
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The gems can be used as a form of currency in Dragon City so you can use the, to get new dragons or unlock new islands. So make use of Dragon city cheats and Dragon City Cheats for Gems.
The Livingston's garden, has the towering moso to the delicate Alphonse Carr bamboo which is a clumper with yellow-striped leaves. The area has several upgrade options and the warrior choices are versatile. The capture point also has assets such as off board fire support which can be held for longer periods.

It is hard to imagine that Spyro the dragon could make a comeback.
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The game manages to take away about 1% battery of your phone for every one to two minutes of your play .Depending on the options that you have you can play it differently.